How To Plan For Your Future


Just like any career, you should always plan for future retirement. That being said, here are some tips on how to effectively plan for your future in pro wrestling.


Planning – Identify your life goals and write it down. Once you have your goals written down, create action steps on how you plan to achieve them. Implementing the action steps is the key between financial success and failure later in life.

In pro wrestling, it’s especially important if you’re an in-ring competitor to have a plan outside of actively competing.  Consider going to college before joining the pro wrestling industry fulltime and other careers outside of the business to support your career.

Outside Support – Sharing your goals to close friends or family members benefit from an instant support network of people who have a vested interest in your success. People can give you additional insight and knowledge to achieve them. Finally, it makes you accountable to others for the realization of your goals – a powerful motivator!

Set Resolutions – Set resolutions but do not make them seem like ultimatums on yourself. Avoid making resolutions such as “I won’t spend expensive shoes anymore.”  This type of resolutions are so tough that if you fail to do so, you may feel like a failure. Instead, try setting goals that can help you progress into achieving your goals, such as, “I will look for more affordable shoes next time.”

Take Small Steps – Learn to walk before you run, goals become attainable when you take baby steps. As you become more at ease with working on your goals, and confident that you can push yourself even more, then that’s the time you propel yourself a bit into reaching your goal. Acknowledge where you are as you reach each step toward your overall goal.  Be sure to celebrate or reward yourself for the success along the way!

Be Patient – Goals provide a sense of purpose and direction, but it’s easy to revert to past habits and abandon your resolutions. Rather than give up when your goals feel elusive, use the opportunity to modify your plan by selecting an alternative activity and adjusting as necessary.

Be Realistic – Balance is the key, but this is not martial law. Try to balance being comfortable and being able to save at the same time. Do not set ridiculous rules on yourself that will make you feel deprived or miserable. This will cause you to not stick with your resolution in the long run.

Take A Few Smart Risks – This includes but is not limited to investing in stocks or equity-based investment. Things will not always go your way and you should keep in mind that mistakes should be seen as source of knowledge and experience, rather than being a failure. That is why you have to be smart when taking risks. Learn from any mishaps along the way and become smarter and more strategic on the next one and keep stepping forward toward your goals.

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