Getting Started In Pro Wrestling (Part 1 of 3)


If you’re considering being a pro wrestler in the future, then you should bookmark this page. We will be releasing a mini series of “Getting Started In Pro Wrestling” articles for all pro wrestling aficionados and entry-level pro wrestlers alike. This series will be a simple, progressive and concise go-to guide for anyone who wants to experience getting in the ring.

This first part of the mini-series will tackle the simple steps to guide you towards your being a pro wrestler.




Improve your body – The most basic of all attributes a pro wrestler should have a memorable look and to be well-conditioned in the ring. Although you can choose from being super buff / ripped like a real life pro wrestling action figure or simply the regular office guy type of body build, you still need to watch what you eat and should have an effective exercise program. Not only will it improve how you look, it will also ensure that you don’t run out of breath and start wheezing in the middle of a match and that in itself will go far.

Remember, physical strength and stamina is one of the main arsenals you MUST HAVE.



Enroll in a wrestling school – Going to a pro wrestling school will equip you with everything that you could possibly need to get into the ring. From proper landing, posture and a lot of different techniques, as well as important ring psychology.  Simply lifting weights will not make you a professional wrestler, so you’ll need to go to a wrestling school in addition building your muscles. Please research and check out credentials of any pro wrestling school you are considering. Not all pro wrestling training is created equal.

Sparring in the ring is an example of great cardio one could need.



Research / Read, Watch and Listen – Yes, you heard it right, pro wrestling is not all about physical strength. The more you get truly educated in the pro wrestling business, the more you’ll succeed in the ring.  Watch tapes from the greats in the ring as well as their promos.  If you have the access, talk to the vets in the pro wrestling business and pick their brain respectfully.  Make sure that you apply what you learn.

Your mind is your greatest weapon in the ring. Lock and load by watching pro wrestling videos, talk to the vets of the pro wrestling business who have walked the walk, read some pro wrestling books and articles.




Healthy and Balanced Diet – A proper diet is a good start. Back it up with fruits and vegetables for an even healthier diet. You wouldn’t want to look lousy in your wrestling gear do you? And by staying healthy plus a proper diet will make you a better wrestler.


Start out simple – Your first match will never be the main event of WrestleMania.  Do not aim for financial growth on-set of your wrestling career as if it will happen overnight. Focus on getting known and getting your name on pro wrestling events more often. Work the independent wrestling circuit to polish your skills and gain as much experience as possible. Once you are already well-grounded and have established your name as a pro wrestler on the independent scene, that’s when you can start making educated decisions regarding your finances and business acumen to control your career.

Never stop learning. Never stop improving. Focus on your goal.
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